Our Church on Social Media


Our church is on most social media platforms, though Facebook and WordPress are the ones we use the most.

Our Facebook Page is our hub to which we link everything while we use our WordPress blog for longer articles or for mini-sites which aren’t well suited to Facebook.

How do we glue everything together? Excellent question. We use a mixture of event-based triggers (such as IFTTT) and Facebook’s platform for application sharing. Most of the time, it works … but sometimes it doesn’t!

We use bit.ly to provide custom link addresses which are easier to remember, such as bit.ly/SLUPCFacebook.

The most popular social media platform in the world with by far the largest number of users. Users share a variety of content from events, links, articles, photos and videos.
http://www.facebook.com/SlateLickUPC or http://bit.ly/SLUPCFacebook

The best platform to share original content such as blogs or written articles.
https://slatelickupc.wordpress.com/ or http://bit.ly/SLUPCBlog

A photo-sharing site for quick/filtered photos. This is the largest-growing social media network and is owned by Facebook.
http://instagram.com/slatelickupc/ or http://bit.ly/SLUPCInstagram

Online “pinboard” for sharing images and creative ideas. Over 80% of the users are female.
http://www.pinterest.com/slatelickupc/ or http://bit.ly/SLUPCPinterest

Ideal for short, “instant” posts as users are limited to 140 characters. Twitter has become a major news outlet in its own right as a lot of “breaking news” appears on Twitter first.
http://twitter.com/slupc or http://bit.ly/SLUPCTwitter

The world’s largest collection of videos. 100 hours of video is uploaded every minute and 6 billion hours of video is watched each month – which averages to around 1 hour for each person on the planet. SOMEONE is watching a LOT of video…
http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEjgUg0QXaqk6XGuxyxtLkA or http://bit.ly/SLUPCYouTube

Location-based network where users can “check-in” and recommend (or not) places to their friends.
http://4sq.com/ptd9tY or http://bit.ly/SLUPCFourSquare



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