About our Church

As the Slate Lick United Presbyterian Church, we endeavor by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to minister to the needs of the community through prayer, proclamation of the gospel and benevolent care of those in need.
We offer a friendly, spacious place to join in worship to God which is fully handicapped-accessible. We also provide large-print Bibles and assisted hearing devices upon request.Our nursery is available for you and your children and has a speaker system installed so that you can still be in contact with the worship service.If you need some quiet time, we have several rocking chairs and couches in the back of the sanctuary where you may rock your child or spend a few minutes alone while still hearing the service.

Our church also features an educational wing and a Fellowship Hall where we regularly host celebrations. On our sizable grounds, we have a ball field and pavilion where families gather for picnics and games.

We have a Friendly Fellowship Class which meets once a month and our Youth Fellowship (grades 6-12) often has Drop-Ins on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm.

The Presbyterian Women meet on the first Tuesday of the month and are constantly doing projects, raising money for missions and keeping the church active and visible.

Our Choir meets on Thursdays at 7pm and helps us make a joyful noise to the Lord. We encourage everyone to get involved, whether it be helping us sing or by playing an instrument. Our Choir Leader, Cheryl Leard, also directs our Bell Choir.

Our Sunday School classes start at 10am and our Sunday Worship Services starts at 11am, except for during summer hours when both start an hour earlier.

We look forward to joining with you and your family in worship to God!



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