We Got Stuff!

You might know everything YOUR church offers … but we wanted to make sure because there are a lot of things to learn, participate in and live by in our church!

sunday_schoolTo start off each week, why not come to Sunday School? We offer a class for every age, so take a moment to find out what class would best suit your needs and join in. Sometimes, complacency keeps all of us from being the follower that Jesus asks of each and every person.

Worship service can complete your morning: feed your mind, spirit and sometimes … even your belly as we fellowship with one another.

calendarCheck out the calendar for other activities which might appeal to you and your family. This includes mission work, community service and opportunities for your talents that God as so freely given to all of us.

We also offer counseling and personal support services; call or make an appointment to meet Pastor Mark at the office or in your home. Session members would also be glad to talk or visit with you. You may contact the Clerk of Session for Session members’ names and telephone numbers.

socialmediaCheck out our Facebook Page! And don’t forget that we also use other social networks such as Instagram, WordPress and Twitter too. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about we can improve the sites and we’d strongly encourage you to share your thoughts, photos and news with us. After all, this is YOUR church and our social media aims to serve YOU.

Don’t forget our stocked library – but pardon the clutter which we hope to soon straighten – and check out some of our books. We have other resources in Fellowship Hall display for many community programs and cancer support/education.

environmentalPerhaps you’ve been hoping to be more environmentally friendly – you can purchase a cloth shopping bag ($10) and support the PW projects.

There are magnifying pages to help your reading: use them during church or take them home if you’d like.

2015 may bring unexpected changes for many of us. Being part of our caring church family and using the gifts available all around us will hopefully be your best Blessing of the New Year.


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