About the Class

prayerWhen you decide to become a church member, you are making one of the most important decisions you can possibly make.  Every other week from January 11th and until May 24 – the day you join the church – you, along with the other members of the Communicant Class will learn what it means to be a Communicant Member in the work and worship of a particular congregation.

This year we are structuring our confirmation class and time together differently – you have the opportunity to work with a class every other week and, if you cannot attend for any reason, you can work independently in your Communicant Study by accessing the information for the day through a link from the church’s Facebook Page (which is where you are right now!)

deaconsThis does not mean that you have to do your study alone.  You will have a mentor and you can work together with others in the group.  As for actual class time, we will get together every other week until the evening of May 13th, when you meet with your mentor and the Session to review what you have learned.

Another requirement of your confirmation study will be participation in the work and worship of the church.  You will be asked to participate in the life of the church in several ways including:

  • Joining the choir or bell choir
  • Being a liturgist for a month (or more)
  • Acting as an usher

sunday_schoolThis may seem like a lot of work, but if you do a little bit each week and not wait until the last minute, it will be very easy.  Remember, we have all gone through this process and no one has failed to become a member or collapsed from exhaustion yet!

One of the things Jesus tried to make clear to the disciples is that to be a disciple will cost.  Before they said “yes”, Jesus wanted them to consider carefully just what they were doing.

committeesIn a very real sense, that is what we will be doing.  When your confirmation class is completed, those of you who choose to join – membership is always a choice – will appear before the Session and before the congregation to be received as members.

On the day you stand before the congregation, you will be asked to make a public profession of your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  Your mentor will place a cross around your neck signifying Communicant membership.

However, being a Christian is not just believing and accepting certain statements about your faith.  It is living in a meaningful relationship with God, as we have come to know God through Jesus Christ.

churchMany people will tell you that their life as a Christian involves a daily struggle to be true to God. So, in a sense, a person never BECOMES a Christian.  Rather, a person is always in a process of BECOMING a Christian.

The Bible demonstrates God’s understanding of our difficulties in living out our faith.  As we read the story, we will continue to discover ways in which God helps those who want to live as Christian believers.

During your study we will be looking at the story of God’s people as it is told in the Bible.  We will also be looking at some of the events in the life of Jesus and trying to understand what it means to be Christ’s faithful followers.

graduationOver the next months, we will have a number of rather short lessons during your Sunday School time that highlight some facts to know and, like school, there will be short assignments that you have to complete.

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