Presbyterian Women 2014

Our PW Circle had its last regular meeting of this year on November 4th. It was a very important meeting because decisions were made concerning the fruits of our labor for the year. We were blessed to be able to give the following donations:

  • Freeport Food Bank – $1,000
  • Mars Home – $200
  • Salvation Army – $250
  • H.A.V.I.N – $200
  • Sister church in Rwanda – $500
  • Missionaries Jeff & Christy Boyd – $500
  • Undesignated Mission of PCUSA – $550
  • Least Coin Offering – $32.47
  • Hunger Fund – $92.55

This was possible because of both our congregation’s and the regular offering of our circle members.

Thank you all for your faithful support. We have also been able to meet our Annual Goal of $900 which supports many local project needs.

Our meeting was then topped off with a delicious lunch served by our hostess Barb Goodman.

Again, thank you. We pray for another successful and blessed year in 2015.



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