Specially Targeted Ads on Facebook

Fun Facebook FactsFacebook are starting to “leverage” your browsing history – meaning, they’re going to sell your entire browsing history to advertisers.

In reality, this has been happening since Facebook realized they could monetize all of their user data and make a huge amount of cash. It’s an open secret that Facebook has been abusing “cookies” – which are small files in your web browser which are meant to maintain short-lived details about your activity on a specific site.

Facebook has been storing these cookies permanently (which it’s not supposed to), instead of deleting them when you leave their site, so it can mine your browsing history and serve up “targeted” ads to you.

Have you ever noticed that Facebook seems to serve up ads for Apple MacBooks if you’ve recently visited apple.com?

This is why.

Is this a concern? Not particularly. There are steps you can take to avoid it if you wish. Most people don’t as advertisers pushing ads to them on Facebook isn’t the biggest deal in the world. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not all that important, but it is annoying.

To read a little further, they’re basically admitting they’ve been doing this “for other purposes” and have tied browsing activity to a Facebook user profile for “up to” 90 days.

Anyway, if you want to opt-out of this feature, you need to visit this website and tell Facebook (and others while you’re at it) not to serve you “specially targeted ads” (this is a euphemism for “we are selling your data to advertisers”).

It won’t stop Facebook from showing you ads, but it will prevent them from “specially targeting” you with these ads.



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