Battery Drain on your iPad/iPhone? It Could Be Facebook’s Fault …

Fun Facebook FactsDoes your iPhone or iPad seem to run down the battery down an awful lot faster than advertised? You might be suffering from “iOS Battery Drain”.

Go to Settings->General->Usage and compare the “Usage” and “Standby” times.

“Usage” is how long you’ve used the device and “Standby” is the total time since you last unplugged the device.

Your “Usage” time should be significantly lower than your “Standby” time, unless you’ve been constantly using the device since it was unplugged.

Assuming that you have NOT being doing so or if your “Usage” time is exactly the same as your “Standby” time, you have a battery drain problem.

One possible cause is likely to be the Facebook application in your device. If you do not explicitly turn it off, the app will record your location history and will constantly “refresh” in the background, even when you don’t have it running.

Anyone surprised?

To disable location services for the Facebook app:

Go to Settings->Privacy->Turn “Location Services” OFF unless you really do need it, you can just turn off Location Services for the Facebook app.

To disable background app refresh for the Facebook app:

Go to Settings->General->Background App Refresh->Turn Facebook OFF

Making these changes is likely to greatly help your energy consumption on your device, so see if these make any difference to your batter life.


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