How to Stop Those Facebook Video Ads From Playing Automatically

top_tech_tipsHooray! Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, have enabled auto-playing video ads on both web and mobile app clients. I know you’re all delighted about this, because everyone REALLY DOES WANT more random spam on their News Feeds.

To disable this new “feature for your convenience” in a web browser, go up to the top-right of the page and click the down arrow next to the padlock icon.

Click “Settings” and then “Videos”. You will see that “Auto-Play Videos” is set to ON by default. Unless you can’t get enough of the unfunny Progressive Insurance commercials, switch this to OFF.

On your mobile device, you do not have the ability to turn this “feature” off, but you can stop videos from loading when you’re using your mobile internet (they will still load while you’re on a WiFi connection).

For Android, open the “Facebook” app, open the left sidebar and click “App Settings”. Make sure that the “Auto-play videos on WiFi only” is checked.

For iOS, open “Settings”, click on the “Facebook” app, then “Settings”, then “Video” and make sure that the “Auto play on WiFi Only” is checked.




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