Fun Facebook Facts – March 2014

Fun Facebook FactsWe now have 63 fans of our Facebook Page and a total of 685 individual people visited the page on March 27th.

The most popular post this month was the link to the newspaper article warning local residents of a targeted phone scam. 776 different people saw this post and it spawned 12 likes, comments and shares.

It’s great to see that these posts can be helpful to the congregation and community as a whole.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of posts and their average reach:

  • Shared videos – 43 people
  • Status posts – 33 people
  • Shared links – 26 people
  • Posted photos – 24 people – 22 of these 24 actually “click” on the photo.

We welcomed our first visitor from the “Show Me” state of Missouri, meaning we’re only 9 more states away from having the complete set of 50. Yes, we do have DC as well.

Our second visitor from Botswana dropped by (Gaborone) and we also welcomed guests from Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, France and Germany.

We had a burst of new visitors from Georgia, including Dahlonega, Kennesaw, Mount Airy and Rome. Dahlonega, GA is consistently named as the best place to retire and was the site of the first major gold rush in the US in 1828.



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