2014 Church Committee – Elections and Nominations


For 2014, the Session nominated the following:

  • Jerry Lenavitt to be the Presbytery Representative
  • Roger Early to serve as the Clerk of Session
  • Marie Wilson to serve as the General Treasurer

The Deacons elected the following:

  • Anna Shuster to serve as President
  • Gloria Smith to serve as Treasurer
  • Mark Smith to serve as Secretary
  • Nancy Early to serve as Card Ministry
  • Bev Smith to serve as Flower Ministry

The Trustees elected the following:

  • Larry Boarts to serve as President and Corporation Chairman
  • Joseph Goodman to serve as Secretary
  • Bob Himes to sit on the Nominating Committee
  • Tom Edwards to sit on the Personnel Committee

Education Committee:

  • Becky Boarts
  • Jerry Lenavitt

Outreach Committee:

  • Barbara Goodman
  • Anna Marie Himes

Stewardship/Financial Committee:

  • Mark Lamison
  • Mary Lamison
  • Mark Smith
  • Marie Wilson

Nominating Committee:

  • Barb Goodman
  • Mark Lamison
  • Gloria Smith
  • Bob Himes
  • Sharon Smith
  • Nancy Lamison
  • Larry Brice
  • Larry Waltenbaugh
  • Walt Dougherty


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