Fun Facebook Facts 2013

Fun Facebook FactsWe created our Facebook Page in March of 2013 and by July 11th, we had enough fans that we were able to view our Facebook Insights.

Facebook Insights provides us with a summary of visitor demographic information such as age, general location, what posts were popular and what time of day was the busiest for our page.

Since July 11th, we have seen visitors from:

  • 51 countries
  • 544 cities
  • 20 languages
  • 38 states
  • 6 continents

The only continent we’re missing is Antarctica.

Does anyone know someone who works at one of the scientific bases there? We’ll settle for a penguin with an Internet connection…

The major city furthest away from Slate Lick on Earth is Perth, Western Australia – and, despite it being 11,380 miles away from Slate Lick (as the crow with extreme stamina flies), someone from there DID pay us a visit.

Our visitors came from the tiniest of villages in Pennsylvania (Slate LickCadoganRural Valley) and some of the largest of cities in the world (SeoulJakartaMexico City).

The visitor location with the longest name was Peasedown Saint John, near the Roman city of Bath in the UK.

The visitor location with the shortest name was Ica in Peru.

Some visitors came from rather peculiar-sounding places:

  • Unknown, United States  –  probably the NSA?
  • Puyallup, WA  –  say it out loud…
  • Punxsutawney, PA  –  that groundhog LIES TO US!
  • Nanty Glo, PA  –  sounds like some kind of light-up toy for a toddler.
  • Distant, PA  –  imagine you’re giving directions to a neighboring town: “we’re near Distant, PA…”
  • Lolo, MT  –  wonder if this is near the town of ROFLO?
  • Bridge of Earn, Scotland, United Kingdom  –  sounds intimidating (but perhaps only to the English?)
  • Saffron Walden, England, United Kingdom –   this would make an excellent name for a cologne.
  • Brits, North-West, South Africa  –  a town consisting of movie uber-villains.
  • Tuguegarao City, Philippines  –  rolls off the tongue!
  • Bandung 1, Indonesia  –  maybe next year we can welcome visitors from Bandung 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • Tajurhalang, Indonesia  –  due to a minor speech impediment, I cannot say this properly.
  • Itaquaquecetuba, Brazil  –  due to the Aztecs, I cannot say this properly.
  • Dubbo, Australia  –  G’DAY, MOITE, THROW ANNUVA TINNIE ON THE BARRRRBIE! This town couldn’t be in any other country, could it?

Considering we have a congregation of around 180, it is quite amazing how far our Facebook page has reached.

We put together a summary of the information and shared it on Google Drive – feel free to take a look!



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